is a filmmaker currently based in manila

OCTOBER 10-12 2019   
Subtitle Southeast Asian Film Festival in Chicago
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Diliman (Clouded)
Short Film, 2017
Writer / Director

In the last moments of preparation before a Filipino wedding in London, a family is caught in a catering delivery that pulls them farther and farther from the reception itself.


Artist Showcase, Commonfolk, 2019
Official Selection, Happy Family Night Market, 2019
Official Selection, South London Shorts Film Festival, 2019
Film Ambassador Award, Film Development Council of the Philippines, 2018
Nominee for Grand Jury Award, Guam International Film Festival, 2018
Official Selection, Glasgow Short Film Festival 2018
Official Selection, Go Short International Short Film Festival Nijmegen 2018
Official Selection, British Shorts Film Festival in Berlin 2018
Official Selection, Asian American International Film Festival 2018
Official Selection, Sea Shorts Film Festival 2018
Official Selection, Diwa Filipino Film Showcase of Seattle 2018
Out of Competition, Sapporo International Film Festival 2018
Out of Competition, Fastnet Film Festival 2018
Ingmar Bergman Award Nominee, Uppsala International Short Film Festival 2017
Official Selection, Odense International Film Festival 2017
Best Short Film, Los Angeles Philippine International Film Festival 2017

Morning Waltz by Kaya
Music Video, 2019
Director / Cinematographer

Video Loop, 2016

Next to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, a group of friends have an endless race in their neighbourhood to see who can run for the longest.One by one, they trail away from each other until they physically can't run anymore.
Filmed in the Carpenter's Estate in Stratford, London.

Control Room
Experimental, 2012, HD
66 min

Three students are working on a project in a city stunted in time.

Filmed in Pittsburgh, PA

Amnesia Short Film, 2015, 16mm

Three neighbours are trying to suture a wounded rhinoceros.

This Morning I
Short Film, 2015, 16mm
Writer / Director

Two siblings prepare their lunches in the moments before they leave for school.

Roll Play
Short Film, 2014, Quicktime Screen Recorder


四月 (April)
Directed by Kinsey Zhang
Short Film, 2018, HD Role: Cinematographer

نزهة (Nazha)
Directed by Remi Itani
Short Film, 2016, HD
Role: Production Designer / Camera Operator

Şeytan Tırnağı (Hangnail)
Directed by Cem Demirer
Short Film, 2017, HD
Role: Production Designer

ديما (Dima) Directed by Remi Itani
Short Film, 2017, HD
Role: Camera Operator

(Once Upon A Time in Chinatown)
Directed by Oscar Zhang

Short Film, 2016, HD Role: Editor / Sound Designer


Cutout of “advanced skin corrector” advertisement from Lancome

Acrylic Paint on Burlap 

I wrote a series of meaningless Tagalog phrases with even more meaningless English translations.

Solo Artist Showcase at Commonfolk, Chicago, 2019
Neo 5-4 at Homan Gardens Art Gallery, Chicago, 2019 (above)
Dream of Life Fantastic at Hostel: Earphoria, Chicago, 2019

POWDERS (2013)
Collage, bullets, gunpowder, various medications

Cover for the Pitt Political Review for featured article on mental health,
gun violence, and gun control in the United States.

PPR Vol. 9 No. 2

BUS ROUTES + GPAs (2014)
Map of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

Cover for Pitt Political Review featured article, "Bus Routes and GPAs: Eliminating Pittsburgh Public Schools’ Racial Achievement Gap via EffectiveTeachers"

PPR Vol. 10 No. 2

LE PEN + LE PEN (2014)
Cutouts of Marine and Jean-Marie Le Pen

Cover for featured article, "The Rise of the National Front in FrenchPolitics" on Marine and Jean-Marie Le Pen.

PPR Vol. 10 No. 1, 2014

Worker’s Rights Consortium (WRC) Campaign (2013) Screenprinted cloth scraps

This was an advocacy campaign to have the administration at the
University of Pittsburgh sign on to a coalition of American universities called the Worker Rights Consortium. My work comprised of photo and video documentation and production of video and paper materials to help spread the word on campus.

Collage made of magazine shreds

Mockup poster for the Diversity Symposium titled "Do you even go
here?" at the William Pitt Union, University of Pittsburgh.


Bobbie Allen | Ready or Not (EP) - Music Video
Role: Director / Editor / Videographer

Mini | Maniac Magazine | Tracy Foster - Highlights
Role: Director / Editor / Videographer

Americans for Informed Democracy - PITT (1) - Info Video
Role: Director / Editor / Videographer

Lucy Hale Interview with Maniac Magazine
Role: Editor / Motion Graphics

Hannah Ware Interview with Maniac Magazine
Role: Editor / Motion Graphics

Tara Reid Interview with Maniac Magazine
Role: Editor / Motion Graphics

Jovenes Sin Nombres: Printmaking
Role: Videographer / Editor

Brain Computer Interface (Reverse-Engineering the Brain)
Role: Co-Director / Videographer / Editor